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Communications Committee

Classroom Liaisons
Classroom liaisons act as the bridge between the needs of the classroom (including those of parents, teachers and students) and the PTO.  Classroom liaisons maintain contact with all three teachers in their designated grade, and communicate their needs to the PTO.  Classroom liaisons also communicate pertinent PTO-related information to parents and teachers in each grade.

Web Site
The website is updated on a weekly basis, by the Communications Coordinator on the PTO Board, to keep the content current and informative.

The Publicity Manager handles all PTO-related “news” assignments, both by making sure that local news sources are notified of news-worthy happenings at PCS. View our Press Release Archive.

Bulletin Board
Every month, the PTO highlights important dates in the kiosk by the Main Office.

In addition to the website, this monthly edition is the go-to source of all PTO-related activities and news.  Current and past newsletters now can all be accessed on this website. 

PTO Email Manager System
Our email system is managed using PTO manager software.  OUR PTO Manager Coordinator is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date email list, and distributing PTO communications.  If you would like to receive PTO email communications, join our Mailing List by entering your email address in the form found in the right column on each page of this web site.

An invaluable tool for everything from setting up a play date or birthday party to finding out what the evening’s homework assignment is, the Student Directory is a must have list of every PCS family’s contact information AND the official school calendar to boot!  Our directory is re-compiled every year to provide the most up-to date information available.  It costs $5.00, is sold every September at each of the PCS Open Houses, and can be purchased year round in the Main Office.

Board of Education Liaison
The Board of Ed Liaison acts as the bridge between the PTO and the BOE.  The Liaison is responsible for attending BOE meetings, representing the PTO, and keeping the PTO apprised of decisions made, topics discussed and needs stated at the BOE meetings.

If you’d like to find out more about this committee and related volunteer opportunities, please contact the Communications Committee Chair.